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Friday, June 04, 2004

TheServerSide.NET - TSS Article

TheServerSide.NET - TSS ArticleSometimes, it's necessary to remember the roots, the place where it all began. The World Wide Web and electronic mail have become very common to our life, and it's our duty to tell the story behind their creation to our children and grandchildren. More importantly, as the importance of a technology increases, so does its usage--and thus the need that we'll need to understand what's happening at the protocol level in order to debug and/or diagnose problems. To do that, we need to understand how to work with sockets at the most primitive level, and to speak and understand the SMTP and HTTP protocols "in the raw". Fortunately, Internet protocols aren't all that hard to understand. As I took a closer look at SMTP and HTTP for the first time, I was surprised how simple they are.


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